CS371p Spring 2022: Week 12

Last week, I finished up the Darwin project with my partner, worked on my Networks lab, studied for and took two exams, and got my language experiment approved to conduct.

Still just allergies honestly. They’re the absolute worst. I can’t wait for pollen season to get over so that I can go outside without worrying about getting absolutely crippled.

I will finish up my Mininet lab in Networks, get started on my speech experiment for Hindi, and work on the Data mining project involving going through the entire data science process with a dataset. I will also get ready for registration this week, hopefully getting into some interesting systems classes.

I thought the paper was rather straightforward, reiterating a lot of the ideas mentioned in previous papers regarding writing to the abstraction and not the implementation and avoiding getters and setters. I can see why implementation inheritance can lead to undesirable tight coupling of code, making the code much less flexible and maintainable. Instead, using interface inheritance using “implements” and using ideas like composition instead of inheritance can help control some of these issues.

Reviewing some iteration concepts was quite straight-forward. Learning about initializer lists and the several ways to initialize variables in C++ was super useful to learn about with all its nuances. The brace syntax for primitive values prevents truncating from float to int, for example. Also depending on whether a struct has C or C++ functionality, the various syntaxes differ. The two vector exercises were good practice, and my teams were able to do both, so that was reassuring that we understood the concepts.

I was happy to get a lot of work done and meet with my friends during the week. We played some NY Times crossword and it was pretty fun.

If you ever want to quickly gloss over the syntax of some programming language/command or even compare the syntax of different languages, you can use this useful website:

It gives you the essentials of a language, and syntax for all the basic operations you would need to do.



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