CS371p Spring 2022: Week 14

Last week, I briefly looked over the project spec for Life and reviewed some of the C++ concepts we learned. I finished up my Network measurements lab in Networks and wrote up a draft paper for the speech experiment study I conducted.

Next week, I have a few exams and assignments in my various classes all due around the same time, so it will quite hectic. Hopefully getting through this last week of classes will give my ample time to prepare for final exams the week after.

Next week, I will work to finish the Life project and review the C++ concepts we learned over the semester. I will also study for my Networks exam, work on finishing my association analysis assignment in Data Mining, and give a final presentation in my speech experiments class.

It was a long, but interesting read that mentioned a lot of the ideas regarding methodologies like Agile and Scrum that is popular in industry today. I was surprised it was written so long ago, but it is apparent that those ideas still have value today. We used these tools in my past internship, so it was nice to see the reasoning behind a lot of these ideas.

It was interesting to see Life as the final project in OOP, as it is such a well-known game in Computer Science. I have had experience with smart pointers, the virtual keyword, and dynamic binding from the C++ we used in my Operating Systems class, so it was a nice review.

I got to do Karaoke with my friends this week at HiTunes in North Austin, and it was a blast. We got some great Thai food at Titaya’s beforehand, and it was just a great night.

Similar to how Google Test is a useful tool for C++, another great tool is Google Benchmark. It can be used to microbenchmark units of your code and determine the cause of inefficiencies.



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