CS371p Spring 2022: Week 7

This past week, I finished up the big project for my Networks class and submitted it recently. I also finished up Voting earlier in the week, and just did assignments in my other classes. I continued my language learning studies as well and I also started going to the gym a little more consistently.

This week I have a ton of exams, so it will definitely be a grind week. On top of that I also have various assignments due, so the semester is starting to heat up as usual. I am also feeling a tad sick, and allergy season is starting to pick up, so I’m not looking forward to that.

I will study for my Data Mining, Networks, and Syntax exams that are coming up this week. I will also start my Data Mining project that gets us familiar with sklearn. I am also behind on some of my Linguistic classes, so I will need to catch up on those. I will be heading back home next week, so I will have to take my exams virtually from back home in Flower Mound.

I thought it was an interesting idea, but it was definitely a difficult principle to be able to immediately use in practice, as it requires some experience. Making sure subclasses are substitutable for their parents require more careful thought, also some language features like the virtual keyword in C++ can help with applying the LSP.

It was helpful to get some more practice with const as it can be used in so many contexts, so the semantics can get rather confusing. I liked learning the initialization specifics of stack-allocated arrays and why other C++ data structures may be more useful to use as a programmer like std::array and std::vector. With respect to equal, it was interesting to a get a small glimpse of how templates and iterators work and are useful. Seeing how iterators can use pointer operators was really cool.

This weekend was crazy eventful. It was my roommate’s 21st birthday, so we celebrated with a bunch of friends by watching a movie, getting brunch at Chuys, playing some Laser tag, getting free birthday boba and hitting 6th street in the night. My friends and I somehow happened to meet Desmond from RDCWorld there! He was super chill, and it was an amazing coincidence meeting him there.

If you are interested in understanding the technical knowledge behind things like crypto, blockchain, etc., there’s a good free course on Coursera which explains the computer science principles behind all these technologies. It also has programming projects which is super helpful. I’ve linked it below:



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